The Original and Unedited Millionaire Maker MP3

John Earl Shoaff Was The Millionaire Maker

He Taught Self-Made Millionaires Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Ash About The Law of Attraction

“Be naive enough to believe what I say for just 30 days and you will be on your way to a new life.” J. Earl Shoaff

Earl Shoaff
J Earl Shoaff was the original Millionaire Maker. Listen to the Earl Shoaff MP3 audio for the next 30 days and it could just change your life!
Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn was the well known motivational speaker. But what many do not know is that he made his first million thanks to the guidance of J. Earl Shoaff.

John Earl Shoaff was one of the most creative and inspired men of our time. He was born with a weak heart and of modest means. His formal schooling did not go beyond the 9th grade. Even though he was rejected by the military, during World War II, because of his heart condition, Earl was undeterred. Instead, he joined the American Field Services, overseas, as an ambulance driver. After the war, Earl Shoaff became a pants presser. Yet, within 4 years, he became a millionaire and later headed several large corporations with unprecedented success.

Anyone who ever heard Jim Rohn speak will know the impact that John Earl Shoaff had on his life. Within 6 years of attending one of Earl Shoaff’s seminars, Jim Rohn had gone from a stock clerk at Sears, taking home $57 a week, to being a millionaire! As well as his own rags to riches story, Rohn was an entrepreneur, author and renowned motivational speaker. Some of his well-known quotes include: “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” and “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Unfortunately, both Mr Shoaff and Mr Rohn have since passed away. But, what if you could travel back in time and attend the very same seminar that changed Jim Rohn’s life? What if you could listen to the laws of success and abundance being explained so clearly, that children could understand and apply them?

What if you could have Mr Shoaff teach you how to become a millionaire, just as he taught Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Ash?

“Life never withholds anything, from anyone.”

Well, there is only ONE known recording of the seminar, in 1962, of Earl Shoaff delivering the speech that changed so many lives for the better. Originally called, “How To Get Everything You Want Out Of Life,” the recording was later renamed “The Millionaire Maker.”

Now you can buy The Millionaire Maker by J. Earl Shoaff for only $17

When you listen to this 1962 audio recording, you will be listening to the exact same presentation that helped transform Jim Rohn’s life for the better. Like so many of us, Jim knew that he wanted more out of life but, back then, had no idea how to make the transformation happen. However, following the presentation, Jim was inspired and knew that he wanted to be just like Earl Shoaff.

So many practical examples are provided in the recording and everything that Shoaff says, makes so much sense. Indeed, some of the things he says, seem so obvious, that you wonder why you did not think of them, and more importantly implement them, yourself. He believed that one of life’s great tragedies was man’s persistence in clinging so tenaciously to lack and limitation. In other words, he is saying that we are our own worst enemies. Even though we do not want negative things in our lives, we insist on talking and thinking about them. We must learn to expect wonderful things. Love, health, supply and companionship, all exist in infinite abundance.

Regardless of your age, this may well be the turning point in your life. A once in a lifetime experience to discover the thought process behind so many millionaires. But only you can make the change happen. Only you can reach your full potential and achieve everything that you want out out of life.

Buy The Millionaire Maker by J. Earl Shoaff for only $17 and start changing your life for the better, today.

John Earl Shoaff – The Millionaire Maker, can be downloaded instantly, in MP3 format, and you can be listening to it, and on the path to changing your life, within a matter of minutes.

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